• How do I start recording a Skype conversation?

    Firstly start a skype conversation. Then click the "start recording" button to start recording when the conversation is connected.

  • How long a skype record can HD Call Recorder save?

    HD Call Recorder can record as long as you want. If you have enough hard disk space, the recording length is virtually unlimited.

  • How to upgrade HD Call Recorder to the latest version?

    You can upgrade it at here.

  • How do I uninstall HD Call Recorder?

    1, Click to open the "Start" menu of Windows
    2, Select "Control Panel"
    3, Click to open "Add or Remove Programs"
    4, Select "HD Call Recorder for Skype" in the list
    5, Click "Remove", and wait for the uninstall to complete
    6, Done


  • What can I record from Skype?

    HD Call Recorder can record any Skype calls(video and audio calls) and voicemail, video message and group video calls.

  • Can I record Skype group video calls?

    Yes, you Can. It's max support record 10 video streams at one call.

  • Will HD Call Recorder record Skype conference calls?

    Yes, It's support any Skype calls.

  • What audio formats does HD Call Recorder support?

    It only supports MP3 audio format.

  • What video formats does HD Call Recorder support?

    It supports MP4 and AVI video format.

  • Does it let the other person know if you are recording?

    It does NOT send any warning message to other party when you record the call.
    In most countries, it is actually against the law to record video / audio calls without the other party's prior knowledge of it.
    Therefore, please make all of your video call participants aware of the fact that you intend to record the conversation. It is also advisable to offer them "peace of mind", ensuring that nothing will be shared without their prior knowledge.

  • Can you explain what the different options are for video recording?

    Yes. There are five options regarding the video recording mode. The options are:
    Side-by-Side All of the video streams are recorded, with each of the videos occupying half of the screen.
    Separate Files Each of the video streams will be recorded separately, into completely different files.
    Remote Webcam Only Only the video from the remote users will be recorded, and each of video streams will be recorded into completely different files.
    Local Webcam Only Only the video that was recorded (of you) by your web camera will be recorded.
    No video Neither of the video streams will be recorded, only audio.

License registration

  • I've registered on one computer, how can I register on another computer?

    You can register HD Call Recorder on any computer as long as you using the same skype account.

  • How long will it take to get registered after buying a license?

    After placing an order, you will usually receive licenses via email instantly. The whole registering process is done automatically, that enables you to get registered immediately after purchasing a license.

  • How do I activate the license code after purchasing the full version?

    You just need follow below two steps to activate the HD call recorder for Skype:
    1).Please run HD Call Recorder, click the HD Call Recorder "Options" button and then click the "Register" menu.
    2).Enter the license code as well as the email address under "Enter license code" text of the Activation dialog, then "Activate!" button will become active. Click it, the code will be verified and if correct the software will be permanently registered to an unlimited license.

  • What's the benefit to be a registered user?

    Becoming a registered user, you will be entitled to following benefits:
    *Remove the trial limitation.
    *High-level technical support via Email.


  • Why I hear echoes in the recordings?

    The microphone and speaker being too close together is often the prime cause for echo.
    If you are using a Laptop, this is usually down to the way that laptop are designed with the microphone and speaker being positioned relatively close together. When using both together to in recordings, this will sometimes create an echoing effect.
    It could also be caused by having the volume on your speaker being set too high.
    The best option is to use a headset, which not only eliminates all echoing, but also improves the overall quality of the sound.

  • How to fix the video and audio out of sync issue?

    If you use Camtasia or other video edit software to edit the recorded files, it may requires the constant frame rate files. You can enable the option "Use the constant frame rate mode when recording MP4" (at HD Call Recprder Options > Advanced Tab) for creating constant frame rate video files.