Upgrade HD Call Recorder for Skype

Version 6.8.82 | Released: Jan, 23 2017
Filesize: 5.9MB
Supported platforms: Win Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
Supported Skype Version: 7.x to 8.x
Recording Skype video and audio calls
Skype Screen Sharing Call Recording
Saving Skype voicemail and video message
Multiple video recording modes
Self-adaption video resolution and aspect ratio
Highest Quality

Upgrade HD Call Recorder is VERY easy!

  • 1, Exit HD Call Recorder and Skype if they are running.
  • 2, Download and install HD Call Recorder.
  • 3, Start HD Call Recorder and Skype.
  • 4, HD Call Recorder will record the call when your Skype call connected as below.